Monday, July 13, 2015

Squeeze Another Clown Into the Car

The best they've got? Really?
Well, Scott Walker's finally in.

First the good news for him: Because Jeb is named Bush and is already prone to huge gaffs, Walker might just end up being the nominee of the Republican party in 2016 by default.

Now the bad news for him: Even if he's the best they've got (and think about that for a minute) he would still lose in a historic landslide to Hillary Clinton.

Next comes the depressing news for Scotty: He's so disliked in the state he currently governs that Hillary's even going to beat him in Wisconsin... easily. It won't be "too close to call" or even "too early to call" on election night.

Anyway...welcome to the GOP clown car, Governor! There might be some room for you near the passenger side backseat floorboard.

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