Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hillary Raises More Than $45 Million in 1st Quarter!

Wow! We have a new record, folks!
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign raised at least $45 million during its first quarter, her campaign told Bloomberg on Wednesday.
Clinton's haul from her campaign's launch in mid-April through June 30 is a record for primary money raised in a candidate's first quarter. President Barack Obama held the previous record for a campaign's first quarter, raising $41.9 million after launching his re-election bid.
Not only that, but 91 percent of the donations were of $100 or less. This success is due to massive grassroots enthusiasm.

Here's the word directly from Hillary's twitter feed:


Let's win this thing!


  1. Hillary fundraiser: See Beyonce in an evening gown. Bush fundraiser: See the ex-boss you hated wearing a tux at the country club.