Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Good Polling Day For Hillary (With More on the Way?)

Four different polls have arrived today and all of them have good news for Hillary Clinton. 

First, there's the new ABC News/Washington Post poll which shows Hillary clearly rebounding in public opinion. In fact, she's the only one in positive territory among these four candidates:
This also suggests that there's even more good news right around the corner when they release the full poll results. Stay tuned!

PPP's new poll of Nevada has more bad news for the Republicans...she's beating them all in that crucial state by 5-12 points. Hillary has leads of 48/43 on Marco Rubio, 48/42 on Donald Trump, 48/41 on Scott Walker, and 49/37 on Jeb Bush. You're reading that right: Trump is doing twice as well as Bush in matchups against Clinton. Wow!

PPP is also hinting at some excellent Virginia numbers for Hillary in a poll that's due tomorrow.

Finally, a couple of national Democratic primary numbers from Monmouth and Suffolk:

Hillary does a little worse in one of these polls while still leading very comfortably in both. So obviously, guess which one Politico took special note of with the clickbait headline of "Poll: Hillary Clinton's lead shrinks among Democrats"?

Hang on, y'all...we've still got 16 more months of this!


  1. Also, if they didn't include Biden in these polls, Hillary's numbers would be higher because his voters would likely go to her.