Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Whoa! Hillary is Beating Everyone in Florida (Even the Floridians)

Three new Quinnipiac swing state polls are out today, and things are generally looking close in Ohio and Pennsylvania. However, Pennsylvania has not gone red since 1988 and the crosstabs look very solid for Hillary in this poll, so there's probably no reason to sweat that one right now. And of course Ohio was always going to be close, though Hillary is mostly hanging on to modest leads there as well.

But in Florida? The one truly absolute must-win for Republicans? Hillary is currently beating them all, even their former governor and current Senator. This should be terrifying for the GOP, because Hillary needs only the 2004 Kerry states plus Florida and she's already over 270 electoral votes.
Florida is the bluest Swing State so far as Secretary Clinton gets 47 percent to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s 44 percent. She gets 46 percent to former Gov. Jeb Bush’s 42 percent. In other matchups:
  • Clinton tops New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie 46 – 35 percent;
  • She beats U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky 46 – 39 percent;
  • She tops former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee 49 – 38 percent;
  • Clinton thumps Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 48 – 38 percent;
  • She buries U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas 48 – 37 percent;
  • Clinton bashes Ohio Gov. John Kasich 48 – 35 percent.
Looking good, huh?

I'll spare you more quotes from the Quinnipiac press release, because it's one of the most relentlessly negative towards Hillary that I've yet seen. Okay we get it, she needs to work on her "honest and trustworthy" numbers...enough already, guys!

Despite that, she's still beating everyone in Florida...even the Floridians.

Talk about missing the forest for the trees.


  1. Maybe the press should start focusing on why Hillary is still beating the GOP despite months of unrelenting criticism/smears. Now THAT's a story.

    1. It's looking more and more like we're about to have the first woman President in US history.

      Their response: ZZZZZZZZZZ......

  2. Scan: at 4 :00 PM this afternoon (6/17) I turned on CNN The Lead with Jake Tapper. It was THE most biased segment I have ever seen on CNN (passing itself off as hard news-not commentary) Tapper and the reporters spoke exclusively about HRC trust problem in the Q poll. It was NEVER mentioned that out of 24 matchups in three states she was ahead in 20 of them. NEVER mentioned. Tapper said that her campaign is "wiltering". Then they talked up Sanders and the two recent polls in NH but NEGLECTED to mention Hillary's strength over him in Iowa (in the SAME poll) and nationally. NEVER. Hillary's problem is NOT the Republicans--it is the bias of the mainstream press.

    1. Their job as TV journalists is to hype the horse race to get as much ratings as possible...not to report things as they actually are. Stupid but true.

    2. I think it goes way beyond that. I think the press has a visceral hatred of the Clintons and always has. Ever since the night of Bill's first inaugural gala when the Clintons showed clips of "pundits" throughout the year saying that Clinton will lose, he's out of it, he'll never recover, etc.

    3. The media says the sky is falling when it comes to Hillary pretty much every day. It's their MO. They just keep underestimating her. You'd think they'd eventually learn.


    It's possible Bush/Rubio could sway the Hispanic vote, but if they don't, it seems Florida is safe for Hillary.

  4. Florida residents are smart and can see exactly what is going on with the media and it's coverage of Hillary. Hillary will be a great president.

  5. Florida residents are smart and can see exactly what is going on with the media and it's coverage of Hillary. Hillary will be a great president.