Thursday, June 4, 2015

Washington Post Ignores Its Own Poll to Make Up Bad News About Hillary

This is getting out of hand.

The Washington Post, under a very worrisome click-bait headline of 'Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are falling. Among Democrats.', writes:
Even more striking is that Clinton has lost support among Democrats. In March, her net favorability rating was +59 points (78  percent-19 percent). It is now +50 percent (72 percent-22 percent).  Of course, she is still very popular among Democrats. But because Democrats are far more numerous than pure independents, they are driving most of the trend that the Post polls document.
While a 9-point favorability drop in her own party isn't all that great, the author fails to include a couple of important things.

One, her actual lead in the Democratic primary has remained as absolutely rock-solid as ever.

And two, I'm not sure where the author got his number, but Hillary's favorability in their own brand new poll is ...wait for it... +59 among Democrats.

Sloppy or deliberately misleading? You make the call.


  1. I told you--the only thing between Hillary and the White House is the "liberal, pro-democratic" media: to wit MSNBC, The NY Times, and The Washington Post.

    1. Just gotta keep calling them out!