Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday: "Hillary Gump" (1995)

Okay...does anybody out there remember this one?

New York Times, 3/26/95:
With a little help from Hollywood, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been transformed into "Hillary Gump," a slow-talking Southerner who strikes up a conversation on a park bench outside the White House. 
"The White House is just like a box of chocolates," she says in a line from the parody of the hit movie, "pretty on the outside and full of nuts inside."
Even though she was halfway around the world on a diplomatic mission in South Asia, Mrs. Clinton's five-minute videotaped spoof of "Forrest Gump" stole the show on Saturday at the Gridiron Club's annual white-tie dinner.
President Clinton played a cameo role: When the First Lady offers him a chocolate, he takes the box and gives her one candy -- then asks if she has some french fries to go with it.
This is Hillary and Bill at their silliest...and I love it.

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