Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hillary: "America’s long struggle with race is far from finished”

Once again, Hillary Clinton is leading the way on this issue and not shying away from speaking from her heart.
For the third time since the Charleston massacre last week, Hillary Clinton addressed head on the “hard truths” about race the country needs to confront.
“Despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, America’s long struggle with race is far from finished,” Clinton said at a forum at the Christ the King Church of Christ near Ferguson, Missouri, a city ripped apart by the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer in 2014. “We can’t hide from hard truths about race and justice. We have to name them, own them and change them,” Clinton said.
She called Wednesday’s slayings “an act of racist terrorism perpetrated in a house of God.”
The key to change, Clinton said, was the ballot box — “finally persuading the 50 million Americans who do not vote that by not voting they make it possible for people who do not agree with them, do not support their aspirations, to call the shots,” she said.
Watch the full speech followed by a discussion in the video above.

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