Thursday, June 25, 2015

Connor Czar (1993-2015)

Hello everyone. I'm afraid I have some very sad news to report.

Connor Czar, my girlfriend Courtney's youngest brother, was killed at age 22 in a terrible car accident on I-10 near San Antonio on Saturday morning. He was missing for over 24 hours and it was only after 11pm on Sunday night that we got the devastating news when the police arrived. I was already with them at their home in Boerne, Texas all weekend to celebrate his mom's retirement from teaching, and Father's Day turned out to be the saddest day that I have ever witnessed.

NBC 4 in San Antonio began their 10pm newscast on Monday night with an excellent and very moving tribute to Connor. You can watch it here.

We are all in complete disbelief, shock and sorrow. I met him for the first time last Christmas and he was a really nice and sweet young man...and clearly much loved by his family. I have tremendous affection for the Czar family, who have welcomed me with open arms from the moment I first met them. So while I can't fully comprehend their pain at this time, my heart is completely broken into pieces over this.

Around 8pm on Sunday evening, a few hours before we got the awful news, I took this photo of his parents under the most incredibly beautiful rainbow that appeared over Boerne. His dad was walking outside saying the Rosary prayer when it dramatically appeared across the eastern sky over I-10. They did not know that I took this photo at the time as I did not want to be intrusive, but it means a lot to them now. They were exhausted with worry and hoping that it was a good sign, but we now know that it was Connor telling us that he was ok.

I've been back home in Austin for the past couple of days, and it's been nice to take my mind off of this for a little while by writing about Hillary's good poll numbers and making fun of Donald Trump. Some things can always bring a smile no matter the circumstances. But this evening is the funeral and I will be spending a few days with the family after that, so there will be no new content from Hillary HQ until early next week. However, I will still pass along interesting articles to the Facebook and Twitter pages from my phone as time permits.

Events like these, for all their incredibly deep sadness, do make you realize what's truly important in life. Do not take anyone you love for granted, because you never know when you might never see them again. We have such a small amount of time to spend with each other on this beautiful planet, but this precious time is too often filled with meaningless strife, fighting and pettiness on scales large and small. As Hillary herself said a few days ago in the wake of Charleston, what we need more of is love and kindness. That may sound incredibly simple, but it also happens to be the complete truth.

Rest in peace, Connor. We will miss you.



  1. I'm so very sorry, Scott. What a tragedy!

    1. Yep, it's been a tough week. Thank you, Paula.

  2. Sorry to hear this awful news. Positive thoughts for you and your extended family.

  3. Very sorry to hear this! I do not believe I had ever met Connor, but I was given this awful news a couple of days ago. My cousins Jack, Tim and Tom Daniels and Rick Loney knew that branch of our extended family better than I do...nevertheless extremely shocked to hear this...deepest condolences!!!! -Jim Daniels

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jim.