Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 1979 Interview with the First Lady of Arkansas

(Note: Hillary HQ is resurrecting our "Throwback Thursday" series from last year and will continue it every week until at least election day. If you have any interesting links for possible future content in the series, drop me a line. -Scott)

This rare video resurfaced a year ago and is a fascinating glimpse at Hillary Rodham in her early 30s, just as she was beginning her tenure as First Lady of Arkansas.

Her look and her name have changed since then, but otherwise this is the same Hillary that we've always known. In other words...hugely intelligent, incredibly conscientious, generally amazing, etc.

I wonder if anyone watching this interview live on TV in 1979 fleetingly thought to themselves "hey, this woman could be president...the first woman of these days."

If so, I'd like to let them know that the day is almost here.

NOTE: You can also watch the full, unedited interview...tape glitches and


  1. when she was running in '08, some letters between her and a high school friend were published in the NYT.

    "By the summer of 1967, Ms. Rodham — writing from her parents’ vacation home in Lake Winola, Pa. — begins referring to Republicans as “they” rather than “we.”

    “That’s no Freudian slip,” she adds. A few months later, she would be volunteering on Senator Eugene McCarthy’s antiwar presidential campaign in New Hampshire. By the time she delivered her commencement address at Wellesley in 1969, she was citing her generation’s “indispensable task of criticizing and constructive protest.”

    The youthful and articulate young woman, who already wants to make a difference, already wants to make things better.

    The world is fortunate in this time of transition and climate disaster to have square Methodist Hillary running for leader of the free world, with the goal of doing the most good.

    1. That's a great quote...I will use it for something! Thank you!

  2. OMG - what an interview! No wonder I love Hillary - she is fierce.... and so independent.... yet so reflective - all at once! You know, I think she is wonderful and I really do try to be objective.... but I just love Hillary..... warts and all. We are so lucky to have her running for the presidency. She will surprise many when she is elected president - and pleasantly so. I've always felt she could be quite the progressive - especially where family issues like child care, paid leave, elder care etc. are concerned.

    1. did you ever see this one?

      Barack could not attend, he had sewn it up by then, all candidates were invited but only Hillary went, knowing well that the members supported Barack and would not switch to her. She attended and spoke to put forth a strong statement on the issues, to help Barack enact them, she gave him cover.

      It was February 28, a week after the Texas debate, where she had taken his side on the issues they agreed on, may have been the first time she used the line 'vigorous agreement,' she only accused him of copying her homework, the 'change you can xerox' line, which was funny, and pointed out there would need to be mandates for the health care initiative to work. She said young people think they are immortal but that they need health insurance too.

      She went to the New Orleans event, and she said what needed to be said, for both of them.

      That is who she is, she does not put herself first, she puts us first.

    2. and she has no warts, and she has always been feminist and progressive, a progressive who wants to get stuff done, she'd rather be caught trying.