Monday, May 4, 2015

The Clinton Foundation: Reality vs Politics

Hey Republicans, listen up! If you're going to try to get a "scandal" going, a massively successful worldwide charity probably isn't the best target.

This clip from Today, featuring interviews with Bill and Chelsea Clinton, demonstrates this pretty clearly. With scenes of Bill fitting a hearing aid on a child (who hears for the first time) and generally being greeted as a hero by the masses, portions of this clip are an inspiration. Of course, he's only being interviewed today in Africa because he's having to defend himself against an already-debunked "scandal", and he does just fine.

Cynthia McFadden's report is fairly even handed, though even she gets argumentative in her questioning about whether or not he should give paid speeches. To this, his answer is as simple as it gets: "I gotta pay our bills."

If all the Republicans have left in the wake of the latest Clinton "scandal" is harping about a popular ex-president giving paid speeches...2016 is going to be easier than we thought.

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