Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is This Any Way To Run a Campaign? It Sure Is!

Has there ever been a response team as effective as what we're seeing so far from the Clinton campaign?
'Clinton Cash' gets released Tuesday, and Hillary Clinton's campaign is going on the offensive to undercut the book and discredit its author before the message ever reaches readers' hands.
With everything from a YouTube video to emails for supporters to 'Medium' posts to a 42-page opposition research report from a Clinton-aligned group, the Democrat's team is throwing everything it has at 'Clinton Cash'.
The book, by conservative author Peter Schweizer, accuses Clinton of dirty dealings during her time as secretary of State, alleging that she traded access and influence for foundation donations—including those from foreign donors. The accusations have been a headache for Clinton since before she announced her campaign, spawning headlines in major newspapers and shifting the national conversation about Clinton far, far away from her campaign message.
Hillary still remains very strong in the polls but they aren't taking anything for granted.

Republicans should be afraid....very afraid.

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