Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hillary Talks to Small Business Owners and the Press in Iowa

...and guess which group asked the smarter questions.

It wasn't the press but rather an Iowa small business owner who asked Hillary about the TPP, and she gave an unsurprisingly complex answer to a still-unresolved issue.
In the small business roundtable that preceded her ad hoc news conference, she also gave a fuller response on her stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Clinton referred to the trade deal as "a very hot topic right now," and she said, "It hasn't been fully negotiated."
She insisted that the deal would need to be strong on health and environmental rules, and, she said it must address currency manipulation. "I want to judge the final agreement," Clinton said.
She also pointed to a section in her book, "Hard Choices," that criticized an international arbitration procedure that she said "gives corporations more power to overturn health, labor and environmental rules than consumers have."
And she added that the deal "hasn't been fully negotiated yet, so I don't know what the final provisions are yet. But it needs to be very strong on health and environmental rules. It needs to try to address either directly or indirectly the manipulation of currency by countries that would be our trading partners because that's been a big source of us not being as competitive as we want to be."
Watch the full roundtable discussion here.

But the press just couldn't wait until it was over to ask a few questions, so Ed Henry of Fox News (of course) took it upon himself to rudely interrupt the discussion to whine about Hillary not answering their questions for about a month...to which she humorously replied:
"I will put it on my list for due consideration."
You can tell that she relishes any chance to give them a well-deserved hard time.

Then, after finishing the discussion and giving her due consideration as promised, she granted them their wish...and took questions about her income, her emails and her friend Sidney Blumenthal. You know, the stuff that matters to the American people.

And thus, the news media breathed a huge sigh of relief that the next president is finally talking to them again, while also undoubtedly fretting about which bogus "scandal" they should focus on next.

She was also asked the same question about Iraq that's tripped up the Republican competition and dealt with it swiftly and simply: "I made a mistake, plain and simple."

Watch the full Q & A with the media below.

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