Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Clinton News Roundup: The Store is Open!

I mean, where else are you going to get a pantsuit t-shirt?

Or for that matter, a throw pillow like this?

The answer, obviously, is at the new official store at HillaryClinton.com.

My personal tastes run more towards bumper stickers and glassware, but there's something for everyone here.


Hillary returns to South Carolina

It may have been a tough loss for her in 2008, but that will only make the victory next year extra sweet. Hillary returns to South Carolina this week.
Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is coming to Columbia on Wednesday for her first trip back to the Palmetto State since her 2008 presidential campaign.

The former secretary of state will give the keynote address at the third annual 2015 Day in Blue, the event’s co-hosts announced Sunday.

Clinton also will hold a roundtable discussion with minority small business owners and make brief remarks to the S.C. House and Senate Democratic caucuses.

Hosted by the S.C. Democratic Women’s Council and the S.C. House Democratic Women’s Caucus, the Day in Blue brings together S.C. Democratic women to the State House for a conference.

Clinton will give her keynote address at 1:45 p.m. at the Columbia Marriott.
Hillary HQ will have more on this campaign swing and post the speech as soon as it's available.

Another Benghazi Bust

The email "zombie scandal" continues...to be extremely disappointing for Hillary's foes.
If Republicans were looking for a silver bullet to use against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the State Department’s Friday document dump about Benghazi wasn’t it.

There’s no illicit weapons Libyan program to be found in the emails, as some have speculated. No “stand-down” order. Just a hectic flow of information to and from Hillary Clinton—about danger, about death, and ultimately, about condolences.
How can you tell there was nothing damaging to Clinton in these emails? Because four days later, Fox and friends have already moved on to worrying about Hillary getting positive coverage in women's magazines. Oh no!

The Clintons march for the troops in Chappaqua

It's a wonderful tradition for the town as well as the Clintons. But even there, they couldn't escape gotcha questions from the media.

So if they march in this Memorial Day parade (as they traditionally do whether there's an election or not) they get questioned about whether they are taking the spotlight away from the troops. However, what kind of coverage would they have gotten if they had decided to sit this one out?

Use your imagination.

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