Friday, May 1, 2015

Clinton Leads All Republicans in Iowa

PPP's new poll of Iowa finds Hillary Clinton in a good position following her first visit to the state as a 2016 candidate.
Clinton's leads over the GOP contenders range from 2 to 7 points. The ones who comeclosest at 2 points are Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio at 46/44, and Rand Paul at 45/43. The ones who face the biggest deficits at 7 points are Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and Scott Walker at 48/41 and Ted Cruz at 49/42. In between are Jeb Bush who trails by 3 at 45/42, and Chris Christie who trails by 5 at 45/40.
“Hillary Clinton leads the entire Republican field in Iowa,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “This is consistent with what we’re finding in most swing states- Clinton usually doesn’t have an overwhelming advantage but she is consistently doing better than the GOP hopefuls.”
These matchups are about the same, or perhaps slightly more favorable to Hillary, compared to PPP's previous poll of the state from last September. Once again we see that none of the recent phony Clinton "scandals" have changed anyone's mind about voting for her.

PPP also compared other Democrats against Scott Walker and the results were much different. For example, Clinton is beating Walker by 7 while conversely Walker is beating O'Malley by 6. Though this is partly due to lower name recognition, it doesn't make Iowa's current preference for Walker over all non-Clinton Democrats any less chilling.

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These numbers hint at a more conservative mood in Joni Ernst's home state these days and it might just take an especially strong Democratic candidate to carry it again next year.

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