Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bill Clinton Makes Final Appearance on Letterman's Late Show

Bill was as sweet and charming as always during his final appearance on David Letterman's Late Show.
While chatting with David Letterman on The Late Show Tuesday, the former president dished that he would be willing to move back into the White House, but there are three conditions that have to be met, all involving wife HillaryClinton.
"First of all, Hillary has to win the nomination," he explained. "If she wins the nomination, then she has to win the election. If she wins the election the chances are 100 percent I'll move back—if I'm asked."
So there's a chance Bill won't be returning even if his wife does win the presidency LOL! But, he explained, if someone invites you to the White House you can't say no.
"My experience is since I left the White House when a president of either party asks you say yes, so I hope I'll be invited," Hillary's husband joked. 
Seeing this interview, and the kind of reception he received, reminds you what an incredible assett he will be to this campaign once he hits the campaign trail.

Also, we'll miss you Dave!

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