Friday, May 29, 2015

Bill & Chelsea (& Charlotte?) to Make Campaign Trail Debut in June

A big speech is on its way...and some important people will be in attendance.
Hillary Clinton's campaign isn't saying much about her planned June 13 kickoff rally- where it will be held or even whether refreshments will be served, for example.
But we do know that the candidate's husband, former President Bill Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, will attend. And her message is beginning to take shape, as well: senior Clinton campaign officials said Thursday she will make a detailed pitch for where the country should go and why she is the right person to take it there. She'll discuss, in-depth, the "four big fights" she has already identified as pillars of her campaign - building the economy, strengthening communities and families, fixing the political system by getting "unaccountable" money out of politics, and safeguarding America's national security.
It's unclear whether the newest member of the Clinton clan, eight-month old Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, will be making an appearance as well...but here's hoping she does!

As you might recall, Hillary HQ guessed that Hillary would make her campaign announcement in Little Rock. While that was spectacularly wrong, there's still a chance to be half-right by having her first campaign rally there. So we're sticking with that as our guess/recommendation.

We'll find out where it will be in a matter of days...until then, please feel free to leave your own guesses in the comments.

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