Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The (First) First Gentleman Can't Be Stopped

Still the man.
There's a terrific cover story in Town & Country today about the efforts of former President Bill Clinton in Haiti.

It is the Clinton Foundation way: to build and fast-track creative collaborations between businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals to address urgent needs in communities at risk. The foundation, the most powerful imagining ever of what a post-presidency can be, currently employs 2,200 people across its various initiatives (including the Clinton Global Initiative) and supports, according to its statistics, 3,100 projects in 180 countries, affecting the lives of 430 million people. (In Haiti alone there are currently 30 foundation-supported investments, and 208 Clinton Global Initiative commitments.) And Clinton, now 68 years old and 14 years into his next act, is as fired up about his work as any man could be. "It has been my whole life for longer than I was president," he tells me later. 

The Clinton Foundation will carry on even while Hillary runs for president, and no phony scandal is going to stop that.
"I think it's important, and Hillary does too, that she go out there as if she's never run for anything before and establish her connection with the voters," he says. "And that my role should primarily be as a backstage adviser to her until we get much, much closer to the election. So our plan is to spend this whole year working on the foundation, which is, by a good long stretch, the most transparent of all the presidential foundations and more transparent than a lot of other major foundations in the country. It should be, both because I believe in it and because Hillary is in public life, and we'll get criticized, as some people are criticizing me, for taking money from a foreign government. We did a review of the whole foundation last year." Clinton is emphatic about this and intent on my noting it. "We got suggestions from a great law firm that also does pro bono counsel for Doctors Without Borders, and we implemented every single one of them."
The entire piece is a fascinating glimpse into the daily work of Clinton and his beloved foundation that is well worth your time.

And how about this amazing photo of the future First Gentleman in Haiti? Epic!


  1. I think 20 years from now Bill Clinton will be the highest-regarded ex-President who held office during our lifetimes. He's the one who started to turn the country away from the trickle-down, militaristic policies in place when he was elected. Of course, hopefully Obama and other great Democratic presidents will also be remembered well for building upon that foundation.

    1. I think in 20 years, BOTH Clintons and Obama will all be highly regarded ex-presidents!

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    1. THIS should be his official White House portrait!