Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strong Numbers for Clinton in Two New NC Polls

If this is going to be the third presidential election in a row where Republicans can't count on winning North Carolina...they are in deep, deep trouble. A couple of new polls should do nothing to assuage their fears.

From Survey USA:

Chart via
Nice numbers overall, but check out that sweet nine-point lead versus Scott Walker! This result is almost as bad as what we're seeing for him in his own state.

It should be noted that this poll was taken right as the buzz over the Donategate "scandal" was at its peak. But it didn't seem to move the needle last week, and it's already been debunked so many times that I've lost count.

Additionally, Elon University polled Clinton versus Bush around the same time and found a similar result of Clinton up by 3.

The results of both of these polls are also quite consistent with a string of recent polls from NC-based Public Policy Polling.

If the Clinton campaign remains as strong over the next year and a half as they've been over the past few weeks, I'd definitely put my money on North Carolina turning BLUE again in 2016!

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