Friday, April 17, 2015

Hate to Say 'We Told You So" But...

A lot of people are surprised that Hillary Clinton is running such a populist progressive campaign from the get-go and wondering if she's serious.

But not Hillary HQ.

In fact, we predicted that Clinton would run a populist progressive campaign months ago. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but we believe the writing's been on the wall for years. So let's take a quick moment to pat ourselves on the back and say "we told you so"!

For instance, back in January, the very first post written for the site had a 2007 quote from Hillary as the headline and brushed up on some forgotten history about her previous campaign:
'I consider myself a proud modern American progressive'
Though sometimes lost in the back-and-forth of the historic 2007-2008 primary battle, Clinton ran a campaign that was in some respects more progressive than Obama's, particularly in domestic areas such as health care... 
Give credit where it's due: the last time she ran for president, Hillary ran as a progressive and was refreshingly proud to tell you why. I wouldn't expect anything different this time around.
At a speech in Winnipeg later that month, this quote was noted in a post that suggested a focus on wage inequality was on the horizon.
"A new report by the global charity, Oxfam, found that the eighty richest people in the world...not possess as much wealth as the poorest 3 1/2 billion people combined, and they predict that by next year, the top 1% of the wealthiest globally will own more than half of all the wealth on the planet...  
Now, in many countries, people are asking: How can we reverse this trend? How can we share prosperity more broadly and fairly? How can we relearn how to work together and to grow together?" 
In her Silicon Valley speech the following month, she went further.
"We have to restore economic growth with rising wages for the vast majority of Americans, and we have to restore trust and cooperation within our political system so that we can act like the great country we are," Clinton said. 
"Wages no longer rise with productivity while CEO pay continues to go up," Clinton said, channeling the Democratic Party's left-wing. "If we want to find our balance again, we have to figure how to make this new economy work for everyone." 
It seems to be a matter of opinion, but Hillary has often been criticized for being "too close to Wall Street". But in terms of actual governance, what does that mean, exactly? For instance, would she would seek to diminish recent financial reforms? We didn't buy that at all, and neither did the co-author of Dodd-Frank. In fact, there were even hints that she would seek further reforms:
We'll learn more about Clinton's stance on financial reform, as well as any proposed changes, once her campaign officially begins. Her recent consultations with Elizabeth Warren might even hint at some proposals that progressives such as myself will celebrate.
And whaddaya know, just yesterday Hillary saluted Elizabeth Warren in Time Magazine, writing that "reforming our financial system is far from finished" and today came word that she has hired top Wall Street cop Gary Gensler as her campaign's chief financial officer.

You didn't need to believe us, either. All you had to do was read her Twitter tweets over the last couple of years to get hints that she would run a progressive campaign, and last week we helpfully compiled twelve of them.

Also, guests posts by Lysis and Paul Henry described her consultations with Warren and her liberal track record in the Senate, respectively.

Alright...self-congratulation session complete. The point is, when it comes to Hillary Clinton... we know what we're talking about here at Hillary HQ.

In fairness, this doesn't mean that we're never wrong. In fact, last month we recommended that the campaign kick off in Little Rock...and obviously, that did not come to pass. However, if the campaign is looking for a great spot for their first big rally, there's still an opportunity to make us half-right after all!


  1. Great article, Hillary HQ! I wonder if the "Progressive Hillary-Dislikers™" really thought she was going to kick off her campaign by riding a tank down the middle of Wall Street. Of course, now that she's off to a great start and seems to be taking exactly right populist tone, they're accusing her of "pandering". It just goes to show: There's no pleasing some people.

  2. Another point concerning your article with the Little Rock kick-off prediction. If you check the comments on your Daily Kos share of that article, you will find that Desert Denizen predicted it would be Iowa, out of respect for the primary process. Looking forward to future "prediction contests" at appropriate junctures in the coming campaigns. :)

    1. Yep, you nailed it...and yours was a very smart and logical guess. Though who could have predicted the unannounced road trip in the "Scooby" van! :)