Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PPP Poll: Clinton Stomping Walker 52-43% in Wisconsin

And to answer your first question, this poll was taken entirely after the email story broke. If Wisconsin is any indication, Paul Begala was right and this phony scandal is a big fat nothing as far as voters are concerned.
PPP's newest Wisconsin poll finds that Scott Walker's recent actions have significantly increased enthusiasm among Republicans in the state for his White House bid- but also left him well behind Hillary Clinton in a potential general election match up... 
Walker trails Hillary Clinton 52/43 in a hypothetical contest. When we tested the same match up in September of 2013, he was only down 49/44. It's not just Clinton that Walker trails though- he would also be down 48/45 when matched against Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren. For the most part this year we've been finding Biden and Warren trailing even in places where Clinton's leading, but against Walker in Wisconsin they all have an advantage...
Clinton is strong against the entire Republican field in Wisconsin. There's not much evidence from anything in this poll that she's facing any real backlash over the controversy related to her e-mails.
Hillary's numbers versus other Democrats are also untouched: She holds a 40+ point lead over all potential challengers.

While Clinton has held steady or even improved since their last poll, Scott Walker's stock has gone down in the state. His approval is now underwater at 43/52, and PPP largely attributes this to the new and unpopular right to work law. On top of this, 58% of Wisconsinites don't even want him to run for president.

With Scott Walker not even coming close to winning his home state...the idea of him being the nominee seems more appealing by the second. This could end up being a Democratic landslide the likes of which we haven't seen since...hmm...LBJ '64?

There's lots of other good stuff in the poll, so check it out!

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