Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Connecticut Poll Again Shows Zero Impact of 'Emailgate'

Not news: A brand new Quinnipiac poll shows Hillary Clinton beating all potential GOP challengers by 18-22 points in solid-blue Connecticut, and absolutely dominating the potential Democratic field as much as ever.

Here's what is interesting:
Despite the current e-mail controversy surrounding Clinton, she is well-liked in Connecticut while the Republican contenders get either mixed evaluations or negative ones from voters.
In fact, she gets her highest approval rating ever measured by Quinnipiac in the state (56%-38%)...a stark contrast to the underwater numbers of Jeb & the gang. Her numbers are strong in all age subsets, but interestingly, it's the millennials (18-34) who are most enthusiastic about her...approving by a whopping 69%-24%.

Among the Republican field, Bush and Walker are all knotted up at 18% each with Don't Know, Don't Care, and Yawn running behind at 11%-12%.

(In non-presidential news, Senator Richard Blumenthal looks to be in strong shape for reelection next year.)

Well done, GOP and hapless journalists: You've managed to blow your first "big" Hillary Clinton "scandal" on a big pile of nothing that no one cares about but you...and might even be producing a backlash that is helping her. This is not the only poll to show zero impact of this phony scandal, only the latest.

So by all means...please proceed.


  1. "Emailgate". To be followed by April-gate, May-gate, June-gate, etc., all coming down to this: Those who like and trust her will continue to do so. Those who don't will continue to be frustrated.

    1. All the way til Election Day next year when they'll be REALLY frustrated!