Monday, March 23, 2015

It Begins

Some people think Ted Cruz is just a punchline.

And mostly...he is.

But here's what's not funny: This guy was able to beat the odds to defeat longtime Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2012, eventually beating Democrat Paul Sadler in a landslide in the general election. Defeating a Democrat in Texas may not seem like a big deal, but overcoming such a well-known establishment candidate for the nomination certainly was.

The Ted Cruz coloring book. It's real.
The circumstances and odds for Cruz are different now, but no one should completely dismiss his chances. The Washington establishment might hate him, but the two so-called frontrunners (Bush & Walker) top out at around 15-18 points each and are quite vulnerable in their own ways. Cruz will need to overtake Huckabee and Carson to become the go-to candidate of the Christian conservative wing. If he does that, and if Republicans vote with their hearts instead of their brains, he's got an outside shot. It's not very likely, but anything is possible considering this Republican field.

Jumping into the 2016 race before anyone else doesn't hurt either.

But luckily for us, that will only get him halfway there...which won't be nearly enough: Hillary Clinton would annihilate Ted Cruz by around 15 points and 400+ electoral votes.

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