Monday, March 2, 2015

History Won't Wait

It's sounding more and more like April is going to be a truly historic month in the history of American politics.
Hillary Clinton and her close advisers are telling Democratic donors that she will enter the presidential race sooner than expected, likely in April, a move that would allay uncertainties within her party and allow her to rev up fundraising.
Clinton aides have spoken of the earlier timetable in private meetings, according to people engaged in recent discussions about the presumed Democratic front-runner’s emerging 2016 campaign. Many within her camp have advocated her staying out of the fray until the summer.
There are times when an exploratory committee would be smart, but this isn't one of them. Everyone knows Hillary is going to run, including all potential GOP candidates and the right-wing news machine, so the target is already on her back. Even if the best they have right now is "my heavens, look how much foreign money she raised for that beloved charity!", taking on unanswered attacks for several more months is a risk that shouldn't be taken lightly. In this respect, the election timeline is simply out of her hands.

Also, an April announcement that amounts to another "hmm...maybe...send more money" might just be too cute by half and risk its own backlash. But jumping in soon - at full throttle - would insure robust offense and defense from the start, begin securing swing states as a general election candidate, and instantly make cash donations flow like Niagara Falls from wallets large and small. Luckily, they seem to be realizing this.
Mrs. Clinton’s team has considered first forming an exploratory committee, a common in-between step candidates use to signal they are running while avoiding the formal launch of a campaign. But her camp now appears likely to scrap that idea. 
A later entrance into the race comes with certain perils. She hopes to raise more than $1 billion for the campaign, people familiar with her plans said, and some Democratic donors are concerned that if she waits until the summer, she would be hard-pressed to meet that goal.
One. Billion. Dollars.

It's amazing that our system has come to this. But if anyone can outraise the Koch brothers, it's the Clintons...and they will.

Because hardly anyone - the media, the GOP, or possibly even the candidate herself - will be prepared for the massive eruption of enthusiasm that will occur the moment we all begin living history once again to crash through that highest and hardest glass ceiling once and for all.

Prepare yourself. This is going to be huge.


  1. I'm looking forward to see Bill back in full campaign mode again. I'm sure he is's what he lives for!

    1. Yep. Keep visiting the site...because I've already started writing about this very thing and will post it later this month!