Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Won't Weaken Dodd-Frank as President (and Frank Agrees)

The number one complaint against Hillary Clinton among many on the left is that she's "too cozy with Wall Street". If that's true, then you might expect that she would support changes to the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that would benefit the big banks.

However, she's already made clear that such an assumption would be mistaken.

On January 16th, after six weeks of Twitter silence, she emerged with this message as Republicans in Congress were attempting to weaken Dodd-Frank.
Just a tweet, you might dismissively say? Not according to the latter half of Dodd-Frank, who asserted last Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher that while Republicans will always try to weaken it, Hillary Clinton has "made very clear that she's for keeping it as it is".

Still not enough? Then how about Hillary's most recent tweet, which supports the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposal to crack down on payday lending practices:
We'll learn more about Clinton's stance on financial reform, as well as any proposed changes, once her campaign officially begins. Her recent consultations with Elizabeth Warren might even hint at some proposals that progressives such as myself will celebrate.

But one thing we can expect, because she's already made it clear: Wall Street reforms and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be safe under President Hillary Clinton.

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