Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CNN Poll: President Hillary Clinton Would Make Americans Proud

You can keep on trying to tear her down...but she will only get stronger in the end.

A new CNN/ORC poll taken over the weekend shows that despite absorbing nearly two weeks of negative headlines over a now-dismantled non-scandal, her approval rating remains well in positive territory at 53% (a number that any GOP candidate would kill for) and 52% of respondents don't even think this email business is relevant.

Her overall numbers may have been dented a little bit in the past couple of weeks, but here's the most interesting result in the poll: When asked if they would be proud to have Hillary Clinton as president, 57% said yes...which is actually 7% higher than when the same question was asked a year ago. It's almost as if nearly two weeks of piling on with negative coverage has actually made people support her more, despite the current (and temporary) dip in her approval rating.

Backlash, anyone?

Make no mistake, there will be good weeks and not-so-good weeks in the next 20 months, but one thing will remain a constant through it all:

The American people are ready for President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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