Friday, March 13, 2015

Clinton News Roundup: Ridin' the Storm Out

Wait...why was Hillary at the United Nations?
This now-famous photo says it all: Hillary Clinton at the UN on Tuesday holding a press conference, surrounded by several gaggles of reporters, answering questions about something that had nothing to do with the reason she was actually there. In fact, she had just given a well-received speech celebrating twenty years since her historic and influential declaration in Beijing that "women's rights are human rights". Unfortunately, hardly anyone has seen this newsworthy speech.

Luckily, this is one of the key reasons that Hillary HQ was created in the first place: cutting through the noise to bring you the stuff that matters. Watch the full speech below.

Hello Brooklyn!
The rumors seem to be true.
As Hillary Clinton's expected April presidential launch nears, her already sizable campaign apparatus is moving into place and getting close to signing a lease for office space in Brooklyn.
Clinton and her team have recently coalesced around the New York borough, according to multiple sources, and are nearing a deal for office space at the MetroTech complex in Brooklyn.
A lease has not been signed yet, according to a source with knowledge, but very serious negotiations are ongoing and the Clinton team settled on Brooklyn after eying other locations around New York City.

New Hampshire Revs Up
Some big guns are going to secure New Hampshire.
In a direct step toward a run for the presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton is hiring political staff to guide her Democratic primary efforts in the early voting state of New Hampshire.

The team-in-waiting is made up of senior operatives in Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's successful re-election bid in 2014, when she survived a Republican wave that knocked out many other Democrats. Mike Vlacich, Shaheen's campaign manager, will serve as Clinton's state director, said a New Hampshire Democrat with knowledge of the move... 
In addition to Vlacich, Clinton is turning to Kari Thurman, Shaheen's political director, and Harrell Kirstein, Shaheen's campaign communications director, to serve in the same functions for her, the source said. Shaheen on Friday wished the three of them well "in their next venture," praised their service to her and described Vlacich as "a dedicated public servant and a brilliant political strategist." 
Hillary's numbers already look really good there, and the state has been trending blue for a couple of decades anyway...but these hires, like the recent ones in Iowa, are an excellent indication that she's not taking anything for granted this time around. Even if she runs unopposed for the nomination, such local talent will still go a long way towards securing these states in the general election.

Ridin' the Storm Out
It's looking more and more likely that hardly anyone cares about a phony scandal about email, and that Hillary's numbers haven't taken a hit at all. Be sure and check out this week's posts on two brand new state polls which suggest the same thing...or possibly even a slight backlash in her favor.

Hillary HQ will have a bit more on the 'Email-ghazi' hangover next week, and you won't want to miss it.

For now, let's rest a bit this weekend because we've all earned it. Plus, in just a few weeks...things are going to get really crazy.

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