Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Clinton Jokes About Email at Event Honoring Political Journalism

In one of her very last public events before presumably entering the race for the presidency, Clinton was in good spirits speaking at an awards ceremony honoring political journalism.
Hillary Clinton made an unusual appearance Monday evening - she keynoted an awards ceremony to honor political journalists.
"I am well aware that some of you may be a little surprised to see me here tonight," she said to the room of about 300 people, many of them journalists. "You know my relationship with the press has been at times, shall we say, complicated."
She made some fun jokes about email and non-disclosure agreements (see video), but also had some important advice that's hard to argue with.
"You are facing fundamental questions that may not fit into 140 characters but are nonetheless vital to our democracy. I think the stakes are really high," Clinton said. "Too many of our most important debates occur in what I call an evidence-free zone, ideology trumping facts, made-for-cable shout-fests, twitter storms, drowning out substantive dialogue and reporting that too often leads to shallower, more contentious politics and either no, or not the best, public policy."
Let's hope they were listening.

Check out the rest of the speech in the link in the comments, which includes a discussion of the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. I had embedded the rest of the speech in the post, but later the video screenshot was inexplicably replaced with a disturbing image. That just goes to show you that you gotta be careful posting other people's videos on your site. Lesson learned. However, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the video itself...and its the only place I can find this speech, which might be her last before she becomes a candidate.