Friday, March 20, 2015

At Camp Conference, Hillary Addresses 'Fun Deficit'

Check out the entirety of yesterday's speech and Q&A above...and you'll most likely agree with this glowing recap from U.S. News & World Report:
In what was expected to be her final paid speech before the launch of her 2016 presidential campaign next month, Clinton spoke to thousands of camp counselors and workers in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
She was relaxed, warm, funny and relatable. Perhaps it was because camp is intrinsically focused on children – one of the causes closest to her heart. Or maybe it was because of the friendly moderator who didn’t go near the email controversy or any of the other touchier subjects surrounding her public and political life. But Clinton was on her game, genuinely exuding the unique attributes a female could bring to the Oval Office.
It was the stories about her mother that were perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this appearance, particularly when she was told as young child that "there's no room for cowards in this house."

The same holds true for the White House and she knows it.
Given all Clinton has been through – and all that’s to come – there’s a persistent curiosity about why she continues to fight in the public square at such a high cost.
She shed some light on that, crediting her mother with an enduring piece of advice that keeps her poised. 
“She said, ‘You know, you have a choice to make every day. You can be the lead actor in your own life. Or you can be a bit player reacting to other people,’” Clinton recalled.
Last week at the U.N., Clinton looked more like a bit player reacting to other people. But her command performance Thursday demonstrated her potential to become that lead actor she’s been striving to be since her mom first taught her the virtues of courage at her own front door.    
When she received a Camp David sweatshirt at the conclusion of the event, it got a huge laugh...but no one thought it was a joke.

Because there's only one word that comes to mind after watching this: Unbeatable. 


  1. Wow, this was great! She's relaxed, confident, and serious but funny. Contrast this uplifting speech to mean-spirited "doom and gloom" from the right. No wonder they're all so cranky.

    1. The mean-spirited "gloom and doom" is coming from some on the left as well. Which I just don't understand. We have a terrific progressive candidate who is going to CRUSH the Republicans. Be of good cheer, people!