Thursday, February 19, 2015

Clinton News Roundup: This is Really the Best They've Got?

Jeb May Not Be the Smart One After All
And how scary is that thought? Dana Milbank has more:
When he addressed the Chicago Council on Global Affairs luncheon at the Fairmont, he combined his father’s awkward oratory with his brother’s mangled syntax and malapropisms. Like his brother, he said “nucular” instead of “nuclear,” and he hunched over the lectern with both hands on it — but instead of exuding folksiness, as his brother does, he oozed discomfort.

A top priority, he explained, is “reforming a broken immigration system and turning it into an economic — a catalytic converter for sustained economic growth.”

Presumably he was reaching for “catalyst” but instead came up with an automotive emissions-control device.
It doesn't stop there.
“As we grow our presence by growing our ability to produce oil and gas,” Bush went on, “we also make it possible to lessen the dependency that Russia now has on top of Europe.”
Russia’s dependency on top of Europe? It was, in addition to being backward, a delightful echo of his brother’s belief that it is hard “to put food on your family.”
At another point, discussing NATO’s aggressive stance in the Baltics, Jeb explained that “I don’t know what the effect has been, because, you know, it’s really kind of hard to be out on the road, and I’m just a gladiator these days, so I don’t follow every little detail.” 
Asked about the weakening of nation states in the Middle East, he admitted: “I don’t have a solution. I mean, I—I—I’ve read articles, you know, about whether the 1915 kind of breakout of the Middle East and how that no longer is a viable deal.” 
Bush, eschewing teleprompter, read his speech quickly and, during the question time that followed, leaned forward in a chair, jacket buttoned and legs spread, swigging water with Marco Rubio’s gusto.
Reading this makes me as ready as ever for the Hillary-Jeb debates...if he even gets that far. This guy appears to be less ready for prime time than we thought.

A 2016 Arkansas Showdown is still a possibility.

It may seem unlikely...and these things change on a near-daily basis...but right now, Mike Huckabee is in the lead among GOP candidates nationally:
A new national poll gives a narrow edge to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, with support for Mr. Huckabee jumping 10 points from a similar survey in December.
Mr. Huckabee is at 16 percent in the CNN/ORC poll, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 14 percent, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 11 percent, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky at 10 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 8 percent, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 7 percent.
Huckabee also continues to show strength in Iowa, where he is bunched up but leading by 1 point...even after Scott Walker's recent big splash there. (It should also be noted that Hillary still beats him and all the others by 7-10 points in the state.)

Huck's not saddled with the surname baggage of Bush, he's been on the scene longer than Walker, and he's not as overtly crazy as Cruz, Paul or Carson.

I could see him winning the Iowa caucuses again.

Really, Rand?
This is so stupid that it's barely worth mentioning. Except that it's just so stupid.
On Saturday, presidential hopeful/bona fide troll Rand Paul made a fake Pinterest page for Hillary Clinton. And shortly thereafter, Pinterest deleted the page — because making a fake Pinterest for a female politician is not only sexist, unfunny and painfully lame, but also explicitly violates Pinterest’s Terms of Service. 
Well played, Rand Paul … well played.
And here's what it looked like:

You see, it's funny because Hillary is a woman. GET IT?!

Gotta love it: Rand Paul needlessly steps into a big pile of dumb and Hillary wins once again with her brilliant "hang back quietly in Chappaqua" strategy.

Walker the Worm Strikes Again

I just really don't like this guy and I'm not sure what else to add at this time.


  1. Thanks for posting all this, good roundup! This was the first I'd seen much of either Bush or Walker speaking. Bush had no teleprompter, which is hard, but that's what the candidates will face in the debates and on the stump. Really not sure either of those two is material for the national stage. (To put it nicely.) Huckabee is very smooth and would be totally confident speaking or debating. Like most TV preachers, however, which is basically what he is, his positions are way out there, even for Republicans. I'm sure there is are multiple Democratic teams out there right now collecting clips of his crazy stuff.

    1. I'd still say Huckabee is a long shot, unless he gets a lot more financial backing. But you never know! These guys are not great candidates so put it kindly.

  2. I'm enjoying your posts, thanks for the work you put into them! I'm actually a little surprised at how far the Republican Party has fallen so fast, though I guess I shouldn't be. This is what happens when you court the fringe elements and let them take over. It's sad when Mitt Romney was your best hope.

    1. Thank you...glad you are enjoying the site! Your comments are appreciated. It's a new site and a slow news month...but things will get pretty crazy soon enough!

      I have a theory that there will be a push to re-re-reintroduce Romney this fall when it becomes obvious to everyone that the rest of them are surefire losers! :)

  3. I think you're on to something there--I can see them dragging Romney back out. Isn't he trying to repackage himself as a champion for the poor? That's not going to fly with the base, who seem to equate helping the poor with socialism. This is going to be so excellent!

    1. Heck, things might get so bad that even Sarah Palin might have to come in and rescue them!