Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bupkis is Down by 95 points!

(No one likes autoplay, but you can see the full Daily Show clip here.)

Welcome to the inaugural weekend open thread at Hillary HQ!

The comment section is all yours to discuss anything you like with fellow Clinton supporters. All topics are welcome, not just politics. I just might jump into the discussion as well!

What's happening in Hillaryland?


  1. Can anyone recommend funny, 1/2 hour TV series? I'm trying to limit myself to one short TV episode per nite. I've enjoyed Community and Parks and Recreation. I'm looking for more; doesn't have to be current.

  2. Seen Portlandia? It's great. And I tend to watch stuff like Futurama over and over...great rewatch value!

    1. Ah-ha! Both of those sound good, thanks. For cartoons my favorite is Archer, a goofy spy thing. Lots of pun/word humor.

    2. I keep meaning to watch Archer...I hear it's awesome. Ever watch Bob's Burgers?

      (btw...expect the open threads to be busier in the future as the site keeps growing. :-) )