Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We're Ready...and She's Getting There

Eight years ago today, Hillary Clinton entered the race for the White House for the first time, promising that she was "in to win". She went on to dominate the race for the bulk of 2007 only to lose the opening Iowa contest to Barack Obama, setting up a contentious, historic and inspirational six-month fight to reclaim the nomination. Though by some counts she did win slightly more raw votes (close to 18 million), the delegate lead by her opponent was simply too great to overcome in the end. 

So the big question is, will she avoid the mistakes that contributed to her defeat last time? And as the silent weeks tick by in 2015, this might be followed by a more practical "Where is she?".

It appears we are getting answers to both questions:
Clinton is developing a smarter, more relevant campaign message focused on economic opportunity and her lifelong work to better women’s lives. The former secretary of state is also trying to play down any sense of inevitability and aims to adopt many of the same data-focused strategies that Barack Obama used to snatch the race from her in 2008.
Holed up mostly out of sight in her Chappaqua, N.Y., home, Clinton is presiding over daily strategy sessions aimed at understanding voter dynamics and the changes wrought by the rise of super PACs and ubiquitous social media, people familiar with her efforts said. 
She is also holding policy discussions focused on the economic setbacks facing the middle class and working women and on how to shape solutions that are digestible in a campaign speech. 
Clinton appears to be embracing what some Democrats call the “glass-ceiling moment” from 2008, when she poignantly addressed her own failure to break through the gender barrier in her concession speech to Obama.
Avoiding the media spotlight to preside over daily strategy sessions and policy discussions. Crafting a message which resembles the one that emerged in the final months of her previous campaign. Making a point to properly assess the mistakes of the past so that they won't happen in the future. Assembling a very impressive support team. Hopefully also getting plenty of rest and quality time with her family at home?

It sounds like someone is getting ready for something important.

Take your time, Hillary. We're ready when you are.


  1. Thanks for posting this, and including the link to the full article, it's a very good read. Did you scroll down to the comments? Boy, are we in for some hating.

    1. We're about to witness what happens when ageism and sexism collide. Eyes on the prize.