Thursday, January 22, 2015

Clinton Thrashes All GOP Candidates by Double Digits in New WP/ABC Poll

Do you notice a trend emerging?

Hillary Clinton is currently besting Christie, Paul and Bush by 13%, with Romney fairing even worse at 15% down, and Huck rounding out the sad showing with a 17% deficit.

And what about the historic nature of her potential candidacy?
Two-thirds of the public say that the potential for Clinton to be the first female president makes no difference in their decision to support her. Those who do put weight on this see it as a positive factor, by more than 2 to 1.
Will Bill be a drag, though?
Among all voting-age adults, more than 6 in 10 say the fact that Bill Clinton served as president has no bearing on whether they would support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. And among those who say her spouse’s presidency will matter, 23 percent say it will make them more likely to support her, while 14 percent say less likely.
What about Jeb? Does the Bush family connection help or hurt him?
Jeb Bush’s family connections are less benign. A 55 percent majority says the fact that Bush’s father and brother served as president would not make them more or less likely to support him. But among those for which this will be a factor, it runs in a negative direction by 3 to 1.
Will Romney's previous run at the presidency affect him?
Romney's 2012 bid for the presidency as the Republican nominee makes no difference for just over 6 in 10 Americans. But among those for whom it does matter, about twice as many say it makes them less likely to support him.
And that's not all. There's lots of encouraging info in this awesome poll.

There's may be long, tough fight ahead...but is it a good week to be a Democrat or what?


  1. Love it! Again, you have to love the even distribution between the R candidates. First R debate will be Sept 16, 2015. It was discussed that a minimum 1% polling level in Iowa might be required to participate. That's a pretty low "clown threshold"! (Popcorn time!)

    1. It's an amazing poll result. And yes, these debates are going to be fun to watch!

  2. I'm now reading that the first debate will be held in August in Ohio. So I may stand corrected.