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VIDEO: Bill Clinton Kicks Off Florida Bus Tour in Orlando

Photo courtesy HFA
Bill Clinton was scheduled to begin a bus tour of North Florida on September 30th, but was forced to cancel in order to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres in Israel.

As of today...the wait is over:
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton got some help on the campaign trail as Former President Bill Clinton made a stop in Orlando on Friday.

The 42nd president spoke to a crowd of nearly a thousand at the Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly.

At the event, which was closed to the public, Clinton talked about the current political atmosphere two days removed from the final presidential debate.

"This is such a crazy election," Clinton said. "We have got to stop the craziness of trying to bring each other down."

Friday's stop was the first of what's called the "Stronger Together" bus tour. Bill Clinton is holding four more rallies from Central Florida through the panhandle and highlighting the differences between his wife and Trump.

"In the end, you have to choose bridges over walls. That's what stronger together means," Clinton said.
Watch Bill's full speech from Orlando this morning below. He also stopped in Jacksonville today and is scheduled to appear in Panama City and Pensacola tomorrow.

By the way Mr. President, don't forget to put in some good words for future Senator Patrick Murphy along the way!

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City (10/21/16)

Hillary slayed 'em after Donald dismayed 'em. Read the full transcript of her remarks here.

Captain Khan

Watch and share.

Hillary News & Views 10.21: Nasty Women, Shade Queen, Earned It, Social Security Expansion

Today’s Hillary News & Views is all about nasty women and their Shade Queen.

Curve reports:
In the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there were many singular moments. Trump, who launched his campaign for president by calling all Mexicans rapists and murderers, at the debate called them "bad hombres," in a stunningly blatant racial slur that is equivalent, as one Latina journalist at ABC said, to calling black men "boys." It spawned a #BadHombres hashtag just as at the VP debate, Gov. Mike Pence spawned #ThatMexicanThing.
Trump also called Clinton "such a nasty woman" during an exchange about taxes. Several hashtags erupted out of that comment as women all over Twitter declared themselves #NastyWomen and #NastyWomenUnitedForClinton.
Every American president has been male. There is no precedent for what a powerful woman looks like in American politics. The same pundits so appalled by Trump not playing by the rules established centuries ago by white men are the same pundits who have held Clinton to a different, higher, harder standard. Many of these pundits say Clinton would be flailing against a "real" candidate–forgetting that those "real" GOP candidates couldn’t beat Trump and she’s the only one in America who has taken him on and beaten him every time.
Trump is furious he’s been bested by a woman. But so, it seems, are many of the pundit class. Her strongest supporters are people of color–led by President and Mrs. Obama who have been her staunchest, most vocal allies and supporters.
Why is this Clinton’s base? Because people of color (and women and LGBT) have been de-legitimized throughout American history by the same lies Trump promotes against Clinton. We know as we watch the spoiled, whining, bratty entitlement of Trump, that the system has indeed been rigged for generations–against us, not for us. Clinton has made herself our champion and Trump thinks he can call her a cheater and it will be enough. 
USA Today reports:
In what may be the fastest case of reappropriation in this election cycle, women have already taken back one of the insults Republican nominee Donald Trump lobbed at Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during Wednesday night's debate.
"Such a nasty woman," Trump interjected as Clinton answered a question about funding Social Security.
Twitter erupted with ladies proudly claiming the mantel, tee-shirts were promptly designed, someone snagged the domain name, which now redirects to a Hillary Clinton donations page and clothing retailer Nasty Gal got in on the fun, changing the name to Nasty Woman for the day.
Arwa Mahdawi writes for The Guardian:
Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice but sometimes they grow up and life corrupts them. They metamorphosize from being sweet little girls into Nasty Women.
While Clinton may be the chief Nasty Woman of the United States, we’ve all been there at some point. There are few women out there who haven’t been informed at some point by a man they are, in fact, a Nasty Woman.
Nasty Women speak up too much. They’re too ambitious. Too aggressive. They’re not team players. Let’s be honest, they’re real bitches. They may get to the top, they may climb that greasy ladder, but at what cost? Nobody likes them. They probably never have sex. Their children probably hate them. They probably have no idea how to bake. They’re Nasty Women.
It’s easy to become a Nasty Woman. It can happen in an instant. You can go to bed a perfectly nice person and wake up a Nasty Woman. But this doesn’t have to happen to you. You can remain a Nice Girl if you just try hard enough.
Nice Girls let men do the talking. They let men compliment them in whatever language that man might choose. They go to bed with a guy after a certain number of dates have elapsed and they have proved that they are a Nice Girl. They then marry that man. They stand by their man. Nice Girls do not complain. Nice Girls know their place. Nice Girls raise nice children. And Nice Girls definitely do not run for president.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

VIDEO: President Obama Praises Hillary and Rips Into Marco in Miami

Okay, this is awesome.

President Obama rallied in Miami today, and as expected heaped plenty of mighty praise on Hillary Clinton:
“Even in the middle of a crisis, she is calm and cool and collected. And here is the thing about Hillary: No matter how tough the odds, no matter how much people try to knock her down, no matter how mean folks can be, she doesn’t point fingers. She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t whine. She just works harder. And she gets the job done, and she never, ever, ever quits.”
Read more here:
But the big news is how much the president went after Marco Rubio. He really, really wants Patrick Murphy to win and didn't hold back:
“I'm even more confused by Republican politicians who still support Donald Trump,” Obama said. “Marco Rubio is one of those people. How does that work? How can you call him a ‘con artist’ and ‘dangerous’ and object to all the controversial things he says and then say, ‘But I'm still gonna vote for him?' C'mon, man!”

“You know what that is, though? It is the height of cynicism,” he said. “That's the sign of someone who will say anything, do anything, pretend to be anybody just to get elected. And you know what? If you're willing to be anybody just to be somebody, then you don't have the leadership that Florida needs in the United States Senate.”

“Patrick Murphy, when he is your United States senator, he is going to be doing his work. In fact, unlike his opponent, he shows up to work,” Obama said. “Unlike his opponent, he didn’t walk away from Florida’s Hispanic community when the politics got tough: He fought for comprehensive immigration reform and a path of citizenship. Unlike his opponent, Patrick actually believes in science and the effects of climate change.

“Just the other night in the debate, Marco Rubio did not accept that sea level’s rising. If you are watching TV or you are going down some of the blocks right here in Miami, in the middle of a sunny day you see ocean coming up through streets. How can you deny what is right in front of you?”

“Even Marco Rubio says there's no rigging of the vote,” Obama said, “which I'd like to give credit for — except he's refuting the dangerous, unprecedented claims of a candidate he says he's still going to vote for!”

Rubio, Obama concluded, “just seems to care about hanging on to his job.”
The president also just cut a Spanish-language ad for Murphy:

You know what? I really don't think Marco Rubio can compete with President Obama...and I think Patrick Murphy will be the next senator from Florida.

VIDEO: First Lady Michelle Obama in Phoenix

Our magnificent First Lady brought the fire to Phoenix today!

Huffington Post:
First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday pilloried GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for declaring he may not accept the results of November’s election if he loses. In the process, she delivered yet another powerful argument in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, cementing her status as one of Clinton’s most effective advocates on the campaign trail.

“You do not keep American democracy ‘in suspense,’ because look, too many people have marched and protested, and fought and died for this democracy,” Obama said, referring to Trump’s astonishing statement from Wednesday night’s debate, when he refused to say definitively whether he would accept the election results.

The first lady was campaigning in Phoenix, where in recent weeks Clinton has narrowed Trump’s lead and turned the traditionally Republican state into a tossup.

Obama said Trump’s statement represented a threat to “the very idea of America itself,” and argued that his repeated claims that the election is “rigged” was an effort by his campaign to stoke voter apathy and keep voters away from the polls.

“For the record, our democracy is revered around the world, and free elections are the best way on Earth to choose our leaders. This is how we elected John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, two George Bushes and Barack Obama. It has worked for decades,” she said. “We are fortunate, and I have traveled the world, we are fortunate to live in a country where the voters decide our elections, where the voters decide who wins or loses. Period. End of story. And when a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of the election, he is threatening the very idea of America itself.”
Well that's it...I'm calling it now: Hillary Clinton is going to win Arizona!

Watch the full speech above.

VIDEO: Joe Biden in Nashua, NH
Vice President Joe Biden is clearly fed up with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's antics, and basically called the guy an idiot during a speech on Thursday. Biden told a crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire Trump is "so stupid that it's possible he doesn't understand the damage he's doing."

The crowd laughed, but Biden insisted "it's possible." Biden was addressing Trump's repeated claims that the election has already been rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, a stance the GOP candidate doubled-down on again during Wednesday night's final debate.

Early Voting Begins in North Carolina!

Greensboro, NC 9/15 (photo courtesy HFA)
If you live in North Carolina, it's time to step into the voting booth and make your voice heard!
Early voting starts Thursday morning in the Tarheel state. This is sometimes called "One-Stop Absentee Voting" or "In-Person Absentee Voting" because you are voting early in person and will be "absent" on Election Day.
You do not need an excuse to use early voting.

Voters who are registered have the opportunity to cast their ballot starting 8 a.m. Thursday. For those who have not voted before, on-site voter registration is available. 
To find voting sites in your county, click here.

Why wait? Lock in your vote now and make sure everyone you know also gets to the polls. If that happens, I have a good feeling that North Carolina will be called for Hillary Clinton early in the evening on November 8th!

Hillary News & Views 10.20.16: Debate, Female Leaders, Warming to Clinton, Black Women, Le Tigre

Getty Images

Guest post by aphra behn

Hello fellow Hillary-heads! It’s great to be with you. This morning we are all sorting through debate coverage. I hope you will be indulgent with me if I am not as thorough as usual; not only is there much late-breaking analysis, I’m super-busy because I am getting married this Saturday. :)  Please bear with me! And feel free to leave more commentary in comments.
First, the debate by the numbers from Bloomberg.
Clinton came away with better ratings in reputable post-debate polls. Fifty-two percent of registered voters who watched the debate said she won it compared to 39 percent for Trump, according to CNN’s survey. Clinton’s share was down from her 62 percent and 57 percent in the first and second debates, respectively. In YouGov’s poll after the final debate, 49 percent said Clinton won and 39 percent said Trump did.
In Germany, Christoph von Marschall writes in Berlin's Tagesspiegelthat "We are used to such things... from states with authoritarian governments. But not from western democracies!"
He is in no doubt over who emerged as the winner of the debate: "Trump is not an equal partner when it comes to objective argument. He can only curse and rant - and dole out insults."
The UAE's Al-Bayan daily says that "Clinton surpasses Trump", while the Libyan news website Al-Mostakbal declares: "Clinton ahead of Trump three weeks before elections".
Boaz Bismuth writes in the Israeli daily Yisrael Hayom: "There is no doubt that the road to the White House today seems easier for Hillary Clinton."
From that vantage, Clinton did the Democrats a huge favour by putting up her best in Wednesday’s debate and easily trouncing Trump.
This tight control worked well for Clinton; Trump could not strut around the stage, mock and point fingers at Clinton and generally draw attention to himself as he did in the second debate. This format allowed Clinton to hold forth on policy matters, her area of strength. Of course, she went into the debate with the confidence of being ahead in the polls and did most things right: She was more emphatic about her claims, she stood by Barack Obama’s record and did not shy away from sharp retorts.
She articulated her positions clearly; she would pick a Supreme Court nominee who would protect women’s rights, she stoutly defended the Roe v Wade decision on abortion, pledged to increase minimum wage, tax the rich, create 10 million jobs and said Trump’s trickle-down economics don’t work.
Clinton sought to claim the moral high ground by recounting Trump’s recent mockery of the women’s appearances and physiques on the campaign trail.
“Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger,” Clinton said. “He goes after their dignity, their self worth, and I don’t think there’s a woman anywhere who doesn’t know what that feels like. We now know what Donald thinks, what he says and how he acts toward women. That’s who Donald is. I think it’s up to all of us to demonstrate who we are.”
Trump’s retort: “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.”
In the debate hall, the audience laughed, prompting moderator Chris Wallace, of Fox News Channel, to admonish them. “Please, everybody,” he said.
Hillary Clinton won the final presidential debate, topping Donald Trump by a 13-point margin according to a CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers, giving Clinton a clean sweep across all three of this year's presidential debates
Overall, 52% who watched tonight's matchup thought Clinton did the best job, to the 39% that thought Trump did. That's a tighter margin than in the first two debates. After the first debate, 62% of those who watched said Clinton won, 27% Trump, followed by a 57% Clinton to 34% Trump margin for the town hall debate held October 9.
Voters who watched were divided on who would better handle the economy (50% said Clinton, 48% Trump), immigration (50% Trump to 48% Clinton), or nominations to the Supreme Court (49% said Trump, 48% Clinton). Clinton held a narrow edge on handling the federal budget (50% to 46%) while she held a wide advantage as better able to handle foreign policy (55% to 41%)
And now for some non-debate related analysis:
I’m definitely not a fan of Kim Campbell, the progressive Conservative politician who was Canada’s first female Minister of Justice and first (and only, thus far) female Prime Minister. However, she has some interesting observations on gender and leadership in this piece for Ozy, wherein she notes that even something seemingly trivial—like the acceptance of pantsuits— can mark a change between the 1990s and now:
…the interesting thing about Merkel is on the one hand she isn’t a frilly, feminine woman, although she has lots of interesting strengths. Again, we talk about the confluence of circumstances — the fact that she was from East Germany, which gave her a different approach, and that she has a nice husband but doesn’t have children. And she always wears pants and a jacket. She has actually helped to expand the sense of what a woman leader might look like.
As first lady, Clinton helped mainstream the pantsuit, which is a very great thing. I never wore pants when I was prime minister, unless it was an athletic event or something, so this is a great liberation for women. Clinton is a non-prototypical leader, but she has now been around so long that we’re used to her, and it’s almost like she ceases to be seen as “the woman.” She is Hillary. Yes, she’s a woman, and in many ways a very important woman because right from the early days in her career, she was prepared to champion issues relating to women and children, which often used to be marginalized. I admired the fact that she, even from the very beginning, was prepared to address those issues — even at a time when it could be used to try and marginalize her.
From Salamishah Tillet at Elle, a thoughtful, critical, insightful and honest piece called“For Years, the Way Hillary Talked About Race Bothered Me. Here’s How I Made My Peace”:
Today, Clinton can rightfully boast of the gender and racial diversity of her campaign staff. Long-term associate Cheryl Mills is an informal adviser to the campaign, and she's been joined by influential newcomers such as Maya Harris, a senior policy adviser focusing on immigration and criminal justice issues, and LaDavia Drane, the campaign's congressional liaison. Clinton's most effective surrogates, however, are probably the African American mothers whose children have been killed by police or gangs. Gathered onstage at the DNC to share their grief and demand an end to gun and racial violence, they made Clinton's "Stronger Together" slogan achingly real.
Aside from her noxious opponent, the main reason I've warmed to Hillary, however, is that she's embraced an important philosophy of black feminism: intersectionality. Coined by law professor KimberlĆ© Crenshaw in 1989, the term describes how different forms of discrimination can interact and overlap—and it has taken on new urgency, often as a critique against a mainstream feminism that tends to address the needs of relatively privileged middle-class white women over those also oppressed by race, sexuality, nationality, religion, et cetera. Clinton even used the word in a speech in Harlem last February: "We face a complex set of economic, social, and political challenges. They are intersectional, they are reinforcing, and we've got to take them all on."
Mere words? I've come to trust that she's putting her money where her mouth is. Her platform includes policies specifically targeted toward African American women, such as increased access to capital for black female–owned businesses, as well as more general proposals that would significantly improve black women's lot, like paid family leave and an increased minimum wage. She's also pledged to reverse some of the harms of the crime bill by, for instance, reducing mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.
In related perspectives, Ashley Weatherford has a piece noting Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Has More Black Women Than Any Other Presidential Candidate In History:
There are more African-American women working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign than any other presidential campaign in history. Thirty-eight, in fact, are stationed at her headquarters. More than both of President Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and certainly more than her current Republican opponent. The black women’s roles spread across all layers and tiers of the campaign. They are designers, accountants, and senior policy advisers. They are campaign veterans and political neophytes. Summarily, they have all strapped themselves to the Hillary train and are willing it forward through the recalcitrant tracks of America.
...A member of that group is Brynne Craig, who serves as the national deputy director of state campaigns and political engagement. If you ask her what it means, she’ll tell you it means she does a little bit of everything, including overseeing individual state campaigns and Hillary for America’s political shop. It’s not her first campaign — she worked for Clinton during her 2008 run — but this one feels much different to her. “Black women are in all departments,” says Craig. “Sometimes on campaigns you only see the black people working on the political side, but we’re everywhere here, from design to finance. We’re in every facet of the campaign which is remarkable.”
For Craig, the campaign’s diversity also strikes a match to the beacon of hope for future elections. “Being in the room with many women who look like you and have a shared experience — it’s something that doesn’t often happen, but it’s very rewarding and gratifying,” she says, adding, “for a lot of people here, this is their first campaign. Hopefully they see this as normal.”
This is such a great piece profiling so many interesting and amazing Black women. Do try to read the whole thing!
And if you need more inspiration, check out what happened when Peter Daou of ShareBlue asked for people to explain what the first woman president would mean to them:
 There’s more, much more, at the link.
Finally, for something fun, iconic electroclash group Le Tigre have  reunited for a pro-Hillary project… and here it is, an amazing song titled, “I’m With Her”:
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